Chess For Florida

What is it?

Chess for Florida is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring the game of chess to children who have never been exposed to it before.  Its goal is to bring chess instruction to community centers, parks, schools, and neighborhoods to teach the game of chess to children of all ages.

Why is this needed?

 Chess For Florida is determined to provide access to everyone who is interested in the benefits of chess, which include improved impulse control, strategic thinking,  and logical problem-solving skills.  Chess For Florida also strives to introduce mentoring relationships to children and adolescents who may need positive role models in their lives.

What has CFF done since starting in 2009?

Coach Michael has brought chess into neighborhood schools, such as Woodbridge Elementary in Town and Country; neighborhood parks, like Jackson Spring Park on Friday evening; and community centers, such as Sulfur Springs Community Center.   Coach Michael has also set up chess instruction in summer youth programs such as the WWCB (What We Could Be) program.